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WIOA: Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Updated: Apr 22

What is WIOA?

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was created to help job seekers to access the resources needed in order to succeed. This includes employment, education, training, and support services. The WIOA benefits more than just the job seeker. It benefits youth, employers, and the community as well.

Youth can get assistance with completion of a high school diploma or equivalent. The Youth Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act focuses on assisting out-of-school youth and in-school youth with one or more barriers to employment. They are also provided with leadership development opportunities and work experience. Some of the services offered are tutoring, paid and unpaid work experiences, alternative secondary school services, and more. These can lead to higher wages and increased independence.

For employers, job-seekers are trained to meet the local labor needs, current employees can improve and grow their existing skills, and dislocated workers are provided with educational opportunities. WIOA improves coordination between agencies so that workers and job seekers have better access to high-quality career services, education, and training.

Since job-seekers are better trained and education to meet local labor needs, WIOA helps the community. The training results in improved workforce quality and increased job placement rates. It also decreases the dependence on public assistance and unemployment benefits.

Am I Eligible?

WIOA offers their services to youth, adults, and dislocated workers that meet a certain set of requirements. It also depends on what programs you are looking at. You have to make sure that the program is approved by WIOA in order to utilize your WIOA benefits.

America’s Job Centers of California provide services locally. If you are eligible to receive financial assistance for training from a provider, it will be determined by a center near you. There are 6 locations in San Diego.

For those interested in studying at ICOHS College, individuals who may qualify for the grant are the following:

  • All adults, age 18 or older, are eligible to receive services. Additional assistance is available to unemployed individuals who have been unable to obtain work or those who are employed by need additional training to reach self-sufficiency.

  • To be eligible for the dislocated worker program, you must have received a lay off notice or have been laid off due to a company closure or mass layoff.

  • You may also be eligible If you are unemployed and are unlikely to return to your prior occupation due to economic conditions in that industry.

Available Services

ICOHS College is a WIOA approved school. This means you could get financial assistance through WIOA. We are committed to providing education and professional career training that is Relevant, Practical, and Meaningful.

Here is a list of our WIOA approved training programs:

  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate · CompTIA A+ Certification · CompTIA A+, Network+ & Security+ Certification · CompTIA Network+ Certification · CompTIA Security+ Certification · IT Network Administrator Certification · Linux+ Certification

ICOHS Programs:

  • Information Technology System Administrator (ITSA)

  • Information Technology Network Specialist (ITNS)

  • Computer Network Technician (CNT)

Preparing you for the following Industry Certifications:

  • A+

  • Network+

  • Security+

  • Linux+

  • MOS

  • CEH

  • MCSA

  • CCNA

If you’re interested in attending ICOHS College and using the WIOA benefits, please visit our WIOA information page for a detailed guide on how to apply: https://icohs.us/workforce-innovation-and-opportunity-act-wioa/

Overall, the WIOA improves access to education and workforce services for individuals with significant barriers. From out-of-school youth to some veterans, it ensures that everyone has equal opportunity to get a good job. If you think you are eligible, don’t be afraid to reach out, ask questions, and apply!

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