Students Come First

Our Mission

ICOHS College is committed to providing education and professional career training that is Relevant, Practical and Meaningful. Education is facilitated in a dynamic, compassionate, and personalized environment whereby students are inspired through pursuit of a path of balance to reach their fullest growth potential.



  • Students Come First
    ICOHS College is committed to helping individuals discover and develop their unique gifts and talents.

  • Quality & Relevant Education
    Students are taught how to evaluate their learning styles, their gifts and graces and attain the skills to pursue their personal and professional aspirations.


  • Compassionate, Clean and Welcoming Environment
    ICOHS College is committed to providing ongoing support and a warm and effective environment conducive to student growth and learning.


  • Service & Giving Back
    ICOHS College is actively involved in volunteerism as a way of providing service and showing gratitude to the community.

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