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Hayder Saeed
Information Technology Lead Instructor

Hayder teaches a variety of IT courses from the fundamentals to the advanced in ICOHS College's IT Certification Program. Previously Hayder worked in different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, in a wide range of IT specialties.

We asked Hayder why he chose Information Technology:

Information technology is what made you capable of reading this line right now, it is not only the webpage that you’re looking at, or the device that you are using to access it, it’s all the sophisticated details in between that is happening behind the scene, that we do simplify it here in ICOHS in a way that someone wouldn’t think it’s possible. 

Hayder loves teaching at ICOHS College because our students are committed, ambitious, and they always have extra room for extra information. What I like most about our students is that they go the extra mile! 


Hayder enjoys living in San Diego because of the sun shining every morning with a bit of cold breeze and the smell of the wet trees that are combined with the chilly weather coming out from our beloved ocean. 


Fun facts about Hayder? 

Hayder is a car enthusiast and a tennis player.

George Ward
Information Technology Instructor

George Ward is an inventive enterprise architect with over 40 years of experience developing Internet-based solutions for high-profile organizations such as Cisco Systems, Motorola, and California State University System. 

While at Cisco System he developed and managed the Cisco network academy program which currently supports over 900,000 students in 150+ countries and 11 different languages. The focus of the program is to prepare students to achieve the Cisco CCNA certification and is regarded as one of the most innovative and successful public/private training partnerships. http://www.netacad.com

While at Motorola he was in charge of all worldwide computing and networking to support engineering where he implemented one of the first TCP/IP based private intranets. This design and implementation won the “Best in Class” international award for private sector companies. His research and development team also participates in the development of several internet standards such as DNS and SendMail.

He served as a special consultant to the California State University Office of the Chancellor in the Academic Technology Services department were designed and implemented a digital marketplace, building the foundation for the current Affordable Learning Solutions system. https://als.csuprojects.org/


George became interested in Information Technology when studying electrical engineering and becoming exposed to various computing platforms and software programs that solve many of the common issues facing businesses. Presently he teaches the Cisco CCNA courses RS 101, RS102, and RS103 which he developed while at Cisco.


George received his Bachelor of Science degree from DeVry University and has over 10+ years of teaching the Cisco Network Academy program at the professional and college level. 


George moved to San Diego are in 2007 from Phoenix and fell in love with the area weather. He loves to play golf, basketball, hike, and hang out at the beach. 

Duane Rinehart
Information Technology Instructor

Duane Rinehart teaches Linux+ courses in ICOHS College's IT Certification Program. Previously Duane worked at Chancellor’s Office of California Community Colleges where he currently holds the role of “Regional Director of Employer Engagement, ICT/DM - San Diego and Imperial Counties” and Research Programmer at Scripps Research, department of Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry.

Initially, Duane was curious about how programming microcomputers could be used to create music and video games.  This evolved him into a more pragmatic interest in how IT systems could support business decisions by storing and processing data (data science).  Currently, research and teaching interests revolve around the same topics, only more advanced: security of stored data (cybersecurity) and clustered processing of “big” data using HPC (high-performance computing)


Duane loves San Diego because of the proximity to the beach and ocean (mainly for viewing or fishing) and topography  (He is from Columbus, OH where he had some lakes and flat land).


In his spare time, Duane likes to bicycle, play chess, and travel with his family!

Brent Haney, HHP, CMT, CKTP 
Holistic Health Lead Instructor

Brent Haney is a San Diego native who enjoys surfing and living an active outdoor lifestyle with his wife and daughter. He is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Kinesiology Taping Practitioner, and author who specializes in Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Orthopedic work, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Athletic Massage. He has over 12 years of teaching experience including being awarded Teacher of the Year and has been featured in Massage Magazine.

Tara Zinn, C.M.T.
Holistic Health Instructor

Tara Zinn has been teaching massage therapy and continuing education to students and licensed professionals since 2006 and is the Owner and Founder of Downtown Omaha Massage in Omaha, Nebraska.  She completed a 1,000-hour program at the Omaha School of Massage in 2006 and continued her education at Herzing University to obtain her Associate of Science in Therapeutic Massage with honors in 2011.  She has been NCBTMB certified since 2006 and is a member of AMTA.   Tara has also completed the Spirit of Learning 100-hour program, a teacher training program for massage, somatic and healthcare educators through The Body Therapy Institute in 2013.

Tara’s passion for massage and wellness extends beyond her massage practice as she is also a Reiki Master and Coach.  She focuses on creating a clearer understanding of self by working on communication, goal setting with accountability, digging deep to take action, and creating a mindful and present lifestyle.  She has traveled the world with Sparitual as an Ambassador and was the Assistant Spa Director and Lead educator at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA.

Tara continues to work closely with her team in Omaha to help them share their gifts of healing and wealth of knowledge with the community.  It is her commitment to helping other massage therapists discover and cultivate their gifts in service to providing their best healing to the world.

Tara loves to travel, whenever possible, with her young daughter and husband.  She is very dedicated to making a change with compassion, heart, clear boundaries and communication.

Linda Ealy, CMT
Holistic Health Instructor

Linda Early is a Certified Massage Therapist, specialized ion Prenatal Massage, and Geriatric Massage. She is also our Clinic Supervisor at the college. Linda has 15 years of experience in the field of massage therapy, and has worked as a Director of a Bodywork program, at another local college.

She has been an instructor here at ICOHS College for 3 years, and has been teaching Special Populations for over 10 years!

She has a 10 year relationship with the San Diego Center for the Bind, AIM (Amputees in Motion), and the Senior community, creating opportunities for the class to participate in hands-on work with Special Populations.

Julie Pitois
Holistic Health Instructor

Julie Pitois is the president of PRO TO COL Sport Systems, Inc. Prior to opening PRO TO COL she owned her sole practice as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist since 1998 where she provided sports and rehabilitation therapy for San Diego County. Julie’s interest in supporting professional athletes stemmed from her early career as an elite level collegiate volleyball player at UCSB.  She also played volleyball professionally in Spain.

Julie is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Integrative Therapist, Teachers Assistant for James Waslaski, Certified British Sports Therapist, Certified in Active Isolated Stretch, trained in Medical Massage, Functional Movement Systems, Level 2 SFMA Certified, Sports Massage Certified, Cupping, and Rocktape Certified.
Julie’s interest in supporting professional athletes stemmed from her early career as an elite level collegiate volleyball player at UCSB.  Previous and current clientele include the NFL, Ironman Triathletes, MLB, PGA, LPGA, Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA amateur and professional athletes, and she also worked with UC Berkeley athletic training room with the baseball, tennis and track and field teams. She most recently has worked with the San Diego Fleet professional football team.

Julie started Pro to Col Sport Systems, Inc. in the Spring of 2016. Pro To Col Sport Systems is a well-rounded expert team of Orthopedic Manual Therapists, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Sports Performance Coaches, Sports Medicine Doctors & Chiropractors and Acupuncturists all working together. Clients go through a “protocol” created for them to ease pain & eradicate injury through proper movement & treatment. Julie is creating a shift in the industry in care through teamwork and collaboration to help people be the best they can be using the different disciplines at Pro To Col Sport Systems.

Rosemary JaQuay, HHP
Holistic Health Instructor

Rosemary began her holistic career in 1998. After attending schools for Massage Therapy and working in the field for several years, she found her passion for the mind-body connection and energy healing by becoming a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist.


Shortly after moving to San Diego in 2002, Rosemary enrolled in the School of Healing Arts, where she completed her Holistic Health Practitioner Certification leading her to start her own business, San Diego Healing Touch, with the mission of teaching others to awaken the healer within. She focused her efforts on facilitating groups and teaching classes to individuals to provide a service of self-empowerment.


In 2013, Rosemary became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner. To this day, Rosemary continues to remain dedicated to inspiring the path of holistic health practices as an educator and practitioner.

Aricia Zazo BA, HHP
Holistic Health Instructor

Aricia has been teaching courses in aromatherapy, vibrational healing, herbalism and natural health of body, mind and spirit since 1995. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Psychology as a well as a graduate from IPSB College; Clinical Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP from The Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and The School of Healing Arts. Aricia was also a teacher at The School of Healing Arts before, and through, its transformation into ICOHS College.

Aricia currently teaches a number of classes including Aromatherapy (Beginning and Advanced Levels), Vibrational Healing, Elixirs of Love, Quintessential Health, Children's Health, and other optimal wellness classes at ICOHS College, The Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and within the community.

A mind for science, a fairy's heart and a lover of the earth and indigenous cultures and spiritualities from around the world; her classes are sensorial and alive with wisdom and ethos of authochthon civilizations which dance with excitement of quantum physics and modern scientific breakthroughs.

She invites you to enjoy learning as she takes you on experiential journeys into the Alchemy of Magic, Art, Science Wonder and the Transformative Power of Nature Herself!

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