Holistic Health Practitioner

Our Holistic Health Practitioner Program offers advanced training in concentrations of herbology and nutrition and advanced massage techniques to better equip you to help each one of your clients’ specific needs.

Program Description

This program focuses on the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being to optimize wellness. You can pursue an HHP permit for the city of San Diego after completing the program or simply learn additional advanced techniques, such as Orthopedic Massage, Spa Techniques, Thai Massage, and Energy work.  This program will give you the required education if you choose to obtain the highest level of certification recognized by the massage and bodywork professionals in the US. 

Program Courses
  • Fundamentals of Massage

  • Anatomy and Deep Tissue Massage

  • Science of Movement

  • Western Modalities I

  • Eastern Modalities I

  • Body Systems

  • Career Development

  • Medical Massage Applications

  • Energy Modalities

  • Holistic Healing Applications

  • Advanced Clinic and Wellness


Small Class Size

Our smaller class sizes allow for a more personalized learning experience. Our instructors are able to work one-on-one with students and help them in every way they can.

Hands on Learning

We understand the importance of not only practicing in your future profession, but feeling confident in your new abilities. With a massage clinic on-site and hands-on information technology labs, we make sure that you feel prepared in your new career.

Job Placement Assistance

We offer career counseling so that you can find the right fit for your future.  Our students and alums enjoy lifetime job placement assistance.


If you are looking for more options in your career this program can open up lots of opportunities, just look at some of the possible careers you could be in:

  • Certified Massage Therapist

  • Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Employment at Spas & Resorts

  • Employment at Wellness Centers

  • Employment at Health Clubs

  • Employment at Chiropractic Offices

  • Employment at Hospitals

  • Employment at Doctors' Offices

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Advanced Massage Techniques

  • Herbology and Nutrition

*More training may be required in our Holistic Health Practitioner program, this is at the discretion of the employer.




Program Highlights

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