Computer Network Technician

This program prepares our graduates to begin or advance their careers by showing employers that they have gained exposure to implementing, managing and troubleshooting network and security issues. This course teaches basic PC Repair, Networking and Security, Operating Systems, and an introduction to VMWare, Microsoft Office and keyboarding skills.

Holistic Health
Holistic Health Practitioner

This program focuses on the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental well-being to optimize wellness. You can pursue a HHP permit for the city of San Diego or simply learn advanced techniques in your program of interest.

IT Network Specialist

ICOHS College prepares each student to install, repair, and configure PC computers, Cisco routers and switches. You will gain the necessary skills to troubleshoot wired and wireless networks and operating systems such as Windows 10 and Linux.

Massage Therapy
Professional Massage Therapist

The Professional Massage Therapist Program offers students advanced education and hands-on training in various massage therapy techniques. This unique program exceeds the California Massage Therapy Council standards in the state of California and gives you advanced in-depth training.

IT Systems Administrator

Computer Networks are critical parts of almost every company and fundamental to the communication and effectiveness of each organization. If you are looking for a certification and job training that will develop your skills further in software, hardware and server troubleshooting, our IT Systems Administrator Certificate Program is right for you.

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