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The admissions process at ICOHS College is seamless. We’re here to guide you each step of the way.

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1. Speak with an Advisor

Contact our admissions department to find out more about our programs. We are excited for you to begin your journey to a new career.

2. Application Process

Our Admissions Advisor will guide you through the application and financial aid process.

3. Attend Orientation

We are excited for you to begin your journey to a new career!

Contact an Admissions Advisor

Contact our admissions department to find out more about our programs. We are excited for you to begin your journey to a new career.

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ICOHS offers up to $3,000 need-based scholarships to support your dream. Let's plan your future together. Contact us today and explore the possibilities.

Questions? We are here to help.

Here are some frequently asked questions to better understand the experience at ICOHS College.

What kind of hands-on experience does ICOHS College offer to help me be successful?

All of our programs integrate both theoretical and practical teaching methods. Our experienced professors guide you through every step of hands-on, experiential practices in all classes to ensure you are ready for the job market.

What type of financial assistance does ICOHS College offer?

We are eager to have your dreams of a new career become a reality. At ICOHS College we offer the following financial assistance programs:

  • Federal Student Aid
  • Veterans Education Benefits
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Fund
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • MyCAA for Military Spouses
  • Active-duty Military Education Benefits

ICOHS also provides interest-free payment plans for those who do not qualify for the above programs. Come in and speak with a financial representative for further consideration for this program.

When is the deadline to apply?

Spaces are limited for each session. We encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible.

Can I transfer credits from my previous institution to my program at ICOHS College?

Your transfer credits must be from an accredited institution. Please contact us for more information or details regarding transfer credits.

Can I take individual classes instead of enrolling in a program?

Yes you can! It is called a Continuing Education Unit or CEU. Anyone may enroll as a Continuing Education Student, as long they have met the prerequisites for the class in which they are enrolling and space is available. These CEU’s can be applied to future programs and follow the same policies as transfer credits. Please contact our admissions department if you are interested. Request Info

Does the school provide parking for students?

There are numerous parking spaces available for students, either free parking or meter parking. If you need assistance in parking please contact our office. Also, check the following link for available parking nearby.

Can I attend school on a part-time basis?

For VA Students, part-time is defined as less than less than 18 hours per week (full-time is 18 hours or more). For Federal Student Aid, part-time is defined as less than 24 hours per week. Our part-time program is offered in the evenings at 12 hours per week.

Can I attend ICOHS without a high-school diploma?

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent to attend ICOHS College.

What is the average teacher to student ratio?

The average teacher to student ratio is approximately 1:10. The maximum amount of students in a classroom is no more than 25.

What makes ICOHS College different from other schools?

Are you ready to take on a new journey? If so, here is what you can expect:

  • Our motto is, “we are here to serve,” and this is permeated throughout the school. When you walk into ICOHS College, you will experience this “serving” attitude. We value your comments and suggestions and will strive to fulfill your demands.
  • We have highly qualified, innovative, and passionate instructors who are leaders in their various fields of study. Please look at each of our instructor’s bios in the faculty section.
  • At ICOHS College, our dynamic curriculum balances different perspectives; the foundation at ICOHS gives our students the competitive edge.
  • Our Student Services team will meet and exceed your expectations to ensure that you receive the following as a student at ICOHS: counseling, academic preparation, assistance in job placement, and ample hands-on training.

I’m new to San Diego, what is it like?

San Diego is known for its mild temperatures and pristine beaches, but also boasts a myriad of ideal opportunities. This city is ranked in the top 20 of the most educated cities in the country. Attractions in San Diego are plentiful. Whether you love engaging with animals or thrill rides, building sandcastles or beach bonfires, there’s so much to entertain students between studies.

Does tuition apply to books and other materials?

No, tuition does not cover your book and other fees, that is a separate fee. Please see the ICOHS Catalog for details.

Does the school have a cafeteria?

While ICOHS College does not sell food directly, the facility does provide students with a dining area, kitchens with refrigerator and microwave, and taps throughout the school that dispense alkaline water.

Do I need a Student Visa to go to ICOHS College?

Yes, International students need to apply for an M-1 visa.

What is a M-1 visa?

A M-1 visa is an immigration document that permits foreign citizens to come to the U.S. to study full-time at a vocational school for the duration of the academic program of their choice. For more details, please

Will ICOHS help me find a job after I graduate?

ICOHS College is dedicated to providing the resources students will need to transition from the classroom environment to a successful career. Our career and placement representative works with all of our students prior to graduation. Furthermore, the practicum/internship is a requirement for most of our programs, and this provides real world work experience for your resume. However, ICOHS does not guarantee student placement.

International Student Support

We take pride in welcoming students from all over the world and believe that international students bring a cultural dynamic to our classes that are beneficial for all. ICOHS College is certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and the Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) to issue I-20s for students to apply for the M-1 Visa. For more information on the M-1 type of visa, please visit Our campus is located in San Diego, one of California’s most beautiful cities.

Here are some of the services we offer to make the process a little smoother:

  • New student orientation
  • Academic advising and mentorship for your success
  • Accommodations
  • Airport pick-up
  • Immigration resources
  • Health insurance for international students

Application Deadlines

ICOHS College accepts applications all year round. You are encouraged to apply at least 30 days before the first date of the quarter. For start dates, please review the Academic Calendar

The Application Process

After you submit your online application, ICOHS College will review all documents and if admission is granted, a SEVIS I-20 will be issued for you to request and M-1 Visa at the U.S. Embassy.


Change status from B1-B2, F-1 or other visa status to M-1

Students who are currently in the U.S. under other type of visa status such as B1-B2 or F-1 may apply to ICOHS College at the same time they send a petition for change of nonimmigrant status to USCIS. Please, follow application guidelines on the Department of Home Security here. You may have to change your non-immigrant status if you are already in the United States on a valid non-immigrant visa for a purpose other than attending school, such as for tourism, and are interested in studying at a U.S. school. You have two options:

  1. Leave the United States and follow the same process that you would if you were applying to come to the United States from your home country to study:
    • Apply to and receive acceptance from ICOHS College
    • Receive a new initial Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for nonimmigrant Student Status” from International College of Holistic Studies
    • Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee
    • Apply for a visa to travel to the United States
    • Return to the United States to begin your studies.
  2. Remain in the United States and submit an application with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to change your nonimmigrant status by following these steps:
    • Apply to and receive acceptance from ICOHS College
    • Receive a new initial Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for nonimmigrant Student Status” from ICoHS. ICoHS will give change of status in the Issue Reason section of the Form I-20.
    • Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee.
    • File a Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status,” with USCIS. Not all nonimmigrant classifications may change status. Read the instructions carefully to ensure that your category is eligible.
    • If you are changing status from B-1/B-2 to F or M student, refrain from enrolling in or beginning your studies until USCIS has approved your change of status. If USCIS has not adjudicated your change of status at least 15 days before the program start date on your Form I-20, contact the DSO at your new school. You may need to wait to attend (have deferred attendance).
    • Enroll in and begin studies while your change of status application is pending if you meet the following conditions:
    • You are eligible to change status
    • You have submitted an application to change to F or M student status
    • You are not currently in the United States on a visa waiver program or on a B-1/B-2. C, D, K, S or V visa
    • Receive from USCIS (if approved), a Form I-797A,”Notice of Action,” which will include an updated Form I-94, “Arrival/Departure Record” listing your new status and the day you must depart the United States (which may be either your “admit until” date or the date of your duration of stay).
    • If USCIS denies your application, be prepared to leave the United States when your current status expires.

New student orientation

When planning your arrival, please give yourself at least one week before class starts to rest up and get oriented in your new surroundings. New student orientation is mandatory for all new students. The orientation date and time will be available in your acceptance packet.


The orientation session will cover the following:

  • Meet school staff and student ambassadors.
  • Meet other students beginning their studies at ICOHS.
  • Receive a tour of the school.
  • Obtain your student identification card.
  • Discuss program expectations, responsibilities, and requirements.
  • Learn about support services for students.
  • Get answers to your questions.

Academic advising and mentorship for your success

Students come first! ICOHS College provides academic support and mentorship to international students to give them the tools they need to have a successful academic experience. Services include:

  • Academic advising
  • Individualized learning programs
  • Tutoring (additional charges apply)
  • Mentorship
  • M-1 and OPT support
  • Student activities
  • English language tutoring (additional charges apply)


We want you to feel at home during your stay in San Diego and we have many options for you to choose from. Living in a foreign country can take some adjustments. We’re here to help you find the spot where you’ll be most comfortable during your stay. We offer single and shared rooms in the heart of downtown San Diego.


Airport pick-up

Cost: San Diego Airport $75; Los Angeles Airport $350

ICOHS can arrange airport pick-up service from San Diego International Airport (SAN) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Please provide us with your flight information at least 10 days prior to your arrival date. Include your arrival time, flight number(s), airline, and domestic point of origin. You will receive a confirmation email at least 5 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Once your plane lands, it may take 1 – 2 hours before you are processed through the Port of Entry (going through Customs procedures required for entrance to the United States). After you are cleared through the Port of Entry, look for the ICOHS representative who will be holding a sign with the ICOHS logo and your name. For international flights, your driver will be instructed to arrive one hour after the scheduled flight arrival time to offset the entrance processing time. If, for any reason, you cannot find your driver, call the number provided in the acceptance package you received.


Still have Questions? We are here to help.